Pokemon USUM fps

so hi guys I wanna play pokemon usum but my fps is always so slow there is one unofficial build that runs the games decently so is there any good official build? I just want speed Thank you for reading…
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You might want to look into this.

I have the exact same problem with the fps, they drop so much but only on pokemon usum.
I´ve looked into that post of yours but it doesn’t fix the fps problem

The fix I linked doesn’t fix the problem entirely, but it does raise the FPS significantly because there are no outlines to render.
Are you running at native resolution?

I usually play with 10x but i switched to native to see if the fps still drop and they do


What about regular Sun/Moon? Is the FPS the same there?

The FPS drops are normal when you enter something, because Citra’s CRO code loading / unloading isn’t optimized yet.

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Hey, my sys is an i5 6500, 16GB of ram, and MSI 1070 and i am playing like this… Can i do something to get better? No pokemon game is playable with this fps . I am using 800x480…

That’s normal. Citra isn’t optimized yet. The default settings are already for the best performance.

Also, you can turn up the internal resolution if you like, because Citra doesn’t use the GPU for anything, except scaled resolution.

So, not even other builds before the last can drop me out some extra fps? :frowning: the only thing i have to do is wait for new builds with better performance i guess… Thanks anyway and sorry for bothering you.