Pokemon USUM Ultra Warp Ride is Unplayable for Citra

First time posting.
When I play Pokemon Ultra Moon & go Ultra Warp Ride, I literally can’t catch those boost rings. I feel like I catched them but I just phased through them. Literally unplayable. I want to catch Legendaries without hacking.

You can move around by right clicking the bottom screen and dragging (motion controls).

If you don’t want that, there is a person in Heahea City (Game Freak office) that can change the motion controls to be the circle pad instead.


I already changed that. But what I’m asking is that I keep phasing through the rings.

That’s not Citra’s problem. That also happened to me on my 3DS many times.

So… how to fix it? I’m pretty much consistently phase through those rings.

not citra’s issue means look into a forum with a more expert users like GBAtemp

@Strawberry and @GDhex12 I watch some videos about it. I found that the sphere around the Sogaleo/Lunala should contact at the center of the boost rings and warp holes to get into it. The Sogaleo/Lunala flies a little far away from the screen, so the collision is a bit weird. I don’t know why they kept this weird collision stuff.