Pokemon X and Pokemon Y

Citra´s works in update to issue “freeze screen” ? or not ?

Yes, Pokemon XY crashes fix is being worked upon. I think it might be ready in a month or two.


It’s unplayable currently. It will be playable soon. The Citra Team is working on it rn I think.


Yes, but there’s nothing called “Citra Team”. Anyone can contribute.

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i know. im just calling them Citra team


really thanks bro !!

Sorry, I’m Brazilian and I do not know how to express myself in English, I’m really sorry.

That’s ok. U can type in your native language as long as you provide the translated version.

hey aditya kaisa hai…just needed to ask for a favour…if u could reply on this page whenever it would be ready… man bahut buree tarah se wait kar haha hun ( sry native language i hope u do understand)
(it doesn’t mean that i don’t know english though…LOL)

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I can’t. I’ll pm u. Expected to take atleast 3-4 months.

@Techno_BKC Dont post in random topics. If U wanna ask for a favour, just pm me.

thnx for telling me…im actually new so didn’t know

Please Citra Team Fix the issue of Pokemon X black screen issue while startup and roller scates issue when playing game its freeze and other knwn issues and bugs its unplayable

hey citra team i have suggestion for you related to Pokemon X Crashing issue that we typed wrong name in Introduction of Game of XY

It’s being worked upon. Please use the search function next time. It’s been answered already 50 times before.

Please open an issue in GitHub.

" Hey aditya how are u just nneded to ask for a favour if u could replly on this page whenever it would be ready man im dying for this game"

This is getting offtopic. The fix for Pokemon X/Y is still being developed. Please be patient.

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