Pokemon x and y citra

Is pokemon x/y payable now to citra?

No, you can’t play Pokémon X or Y without problems now.

And pokemon alpha sapphire?

Alpha and Omega are more compatible. Some people even reached the end of Pokémon Sun/Moon (even with some slowdowns here and there, you can too).

I don’t recommend playing Alpha/Sapphire yet. It’s playable at the beginning, but soon you will get a lot of freezes.

If you find a “Starter save” for pokemon X/Y, you will be able to play it. The thing is that it’s not optimized yet. Sound doesn’t work and crashes are common.

As lg said, Sun and Moon are the best option for Citra right now. I’ve played for more than 50 hours, finished the story and got no freezes at any point. It’s not full speed all the time, but it’s a solid experience.

I can’t wait to play Pokémon x. I already finished pokemon moon.

May i ask what Cirta version are you using?

Well, I’m using the latest Edge. But it’s been a few months since I don’t try to play omega ruby. Why? Is ruby fixed?

personally i ended Pokemon ORAS and S/M on citra without problems, but on ORAS it has no particles, that’s all, i have 0 crashes or freezes and my pokemon are lvl 80-90

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Yeah, particles have been broken since Bleeding Edge Build 86. When JayFoxRox returns, work on the GS refactor branch will likely resume, which are the changes behind particle rendering related effects.

Pokemon X/Y does not even run while using a starter save files. i have noticed many freezes i can tell:

  • Freeze when an ability shows up. like( lightening rod )
  • When you get any item/key item
  • when you recieve starter
  • when our adventure starts…

Thats all i’ve noticed

So what do you want @DjDeveloper