Pokemon X and Y not working in my laptop

Hey SleepingSnake and tywald, thanks a lot for all your help and support. I found out the problem actually the game was using intel graphics card instead of nvida graphics card as there are two graphics card in her laptop. So i went to Manage 3D settings > Program Settings and kept NVIDIA as priority graphics card. But now the only issue is that her game is working a bit slow in between 1 to 9 fps only. Any tips for the game to work faster.

The log showed you were already running on your NVIDIA GPU though? That shouldn’t really have changed much. Regardless, can you try what I told you to do earlier? You should reset the settings regardless and updating the drivers will only help performance anyways --> so it’d be good to know which version you’re on currently.

Hey SleepingSnake,
The Driver Version is - 331.82

Ah, yea. That’s a bit out of date. You can find the latest available driver for your card here (courtesy of tywald xD): https://www.nvidia.com/download/driverResults.aspx/132838/

Sure, will download and update the status

Thanks a lot SleepingSnake and tywald once again for everything!! Everything is working perfectly except for this Issue: Local Multiplayer for Citra not Working

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Hi SleepingSnake, the glitch i am facing is the screen blacks out when i load the rom. Here is the log file link:

please help

Disable all of your cheats, then restart Citra entirely (important, otherwise the cheats remain active). Now start your game again and see if the problem remains.

hi cant open pokemon y
citra_log.txt (16.3 KB)

You appear to be using an older version of Citra. Please update to the latest available and see if the issue persists.

but if i update i will need opne gl 4.3 or more…
and i dont have it

Yes, you do. Intel HD 4400 supports OpenGL 4.3, which is what Citra requires.