Pokemon x and y

why is pokemon x and y is not working is it take another year to fix the problem or that will fix as soon.kindly send the details regardibg my questions.

The fix will come when a developer looks into it.

Please note that Citra developers are also working in jobs, and Citra for them are just a thing they can develop in their free time. Citra isn’t a full time job.

No one knows why the games don’t work. A developer researched the games for 8 hours and still couldn’t find the issue so you just have to wait for now

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Thats wrong. The reason is Pipe3 & AIFF support not being implemented. You may want to contact @Flamboyant_Ham ( I think he told me this ) abt this.

This isn’t confirmed that AIFF will fix that game.

Ya, but chances are it might.


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Maybe we’ll have to wait and see :stuck_out_tongue:

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According to the latest research it isn’t related to Audio(Pipe3) at all. There are 0 connections to Pipe3 when it crashes.


Yeah that’s what i was wondering about, it only gives y2r and unsupported textures errors.

here is a very old post that might add some insight to what is the issue.

That post is not accurate. It’s not because of badly stubbed services.

I just wonder if it has something to do with rom protection? Because I remember similar things happening with HG/SS/Black/White/Black 2/White 2 (black/white screens of death upon starting a new game/Pokemon no leveling up/gaining exp, etc.) People back then fixed it with some rom patchs. So maybe the problem lays not in the emulator? Although ORAS used to give black screen at Petalburg Woods and it got fixed…

There is no way to tell this (unless some dataminers could mine it : p) besides citra is still far from complete.

pretty sure it is due to some major core issues or background processes in the game it takes a lot to encode an emulator especially with the new AMD supported update, X and Y may be fixed i have no idea how citra works but as a game designer myself i can say it takes a lot of compiling and work so im sure it possibly could be fixed but chances are not for a little while

We figured out the issue behind X/Y already. It’s because of unsupported audio modes.

so when will you start please

We can’t give a ETA on when we will finish this.

Anybody can fill me in on this? What seems to be the problem on not citra being able to run x & y?

Do I really need to quote myself? Search through the threads before asking a question that has been answered many times before.