Pokémon x buttons don't work

The d-pad is to fast and i can’t progress the game because i can’t chose the right option. It has always been like this but only now became a problem.

System Information

Diagnostic Log

citra_log.txt (115.1 KB)

Cheats enabled. This might lead to weird behaviour or crashes

Are you using 60fps cheat?

It was activated, but when I disabled it made no difference. Thank you anyway tho

After you disable it, you need to restart the game to make it go back to 30fps. I have only seen this issue when using the 60fps cheat. iirc Citra Android doesn’t have a UI yet for cheats so you will need to delete the text file in the cheats folder to turn off the code (or edit and remove the *citra_enabled line - but it’s safer to delete to make sure it’s turned off).

If it still happens then perhaps this is a phone only issue? I have only checked on a computer.

After following tywald’s instructions, make sure to not load any save states that were made at a time when the cheat code was active. As that will just load the cheat code’s memory injects again.