Pokemon X crashes when I play Pokemon Amie

Whenever I go to Pokemon X and play Pokemon Amie, most of the time it crashes.
is it because of my crappy laptop?
It sometimes works with my other pokemon but with Bulbasaur, whenever I play Pokemon Amie with him, it always crashes! Please help, I just wanna show my lil’ Bulby some love

It might be a Citra problem. I don’t really know. Maybe it is your laptop causing the issue.
If I were to try and fix it, I would reinstall Citra and hope it works. (thats completely optional)
It’s all I could think of. Good luck solving it though. I’d be pissed as well if my game crashes right when I rub mudkip’s face

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if I uninstalll Citra will it delete my game’s data? Because the game turned into some kind of Citra folder look:

Nope. But if you wanna be extra safe you can create copies of your game save files. I had my Pokemon ORAS save files backup before I do these kind of things.
You can find the save file location by right-clicking on the Game Directory.