Pokémon X. How to add friends?

Hello !
I’ve just finished the main story off pokémon X and i’d like to add a friend to go on the friendship safari, but i don’t have idea of how to do it

Can someone explain me ?
I’m sorry if i’m not very clear, I’m a spanish speaker.

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Hola! Lograste saber cómo? Tengo el mismo problema. Saludos :smiley:

Hi there! Did you know how? I have the same problem. Greetings (translated)
i don’t think citra supports adding pss friends. the few times i have tried the game just stopped and i had to reset. i think it is because of the 3ds friends and pss friends are coonected, though not sure. And so friend safari may not be accessible.

From Announcing Networking Support - Citra

Almost everything works perfectly in the Pokémon games. The only thing that fails is adding friends - so try to stay away from that. Users can battle, trade, and watch passerbys as they show up or leave on the local wireless server.

Because of compatibility issues in general with X and Y, using wireless support may be problematic for those two titles.

It seems there’s no support for friends yet.