Pokemon X Is stuck at gamespeed of 0%

Pokémon X stuck at 0fps:
I accidentally tapped backspace and now my game is stuck at gamespeed 0%

  • Operating System: alienware m17 laptop
  • CPU: not sure, but something modern from intel and stock for this device
  • GPU: NVIDIA Geforce RTX 2070
  • Nightly 1766
  • Game: pokemon x

Diagnostic Log
citra_log.txt (499.6 KB)

Note–I cannot get back to this until tomorrow afternoon

System Information for Support

Client Version                               Nightly 1766   HEAD-a6e7a81
Operating System                             Windows 10 (10.0)
CPU                                          Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-10750H CPU @ 2.60GHz | AVX2 | FMA
Graphics API                                 OpenGL 3.3.0
Graphics Renderer                            NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070/PCIe/SSE2
GPU Driver Version                           471.35
CPU JIT                                      [x]
Hardware Renderer                            [x]
Hardware Shader                              [x]
Hardware Shader, Accurate Multiplication     [x]
Shader JIT                                   [x]
System Region                                -1
Shader Disk Cache                            [x]

Here’s some issues I found with your log that might help.

  • You are running out of date drivers for your GPU. You need to install the most recent driver for your graphics card from NVIDIA’s website. Official Drivers | NVIDIA
  • You have cheats enabled. This might cause weird behaviour or crashes. Please disable them and retest if your game is experiencing bugs or crashes.

My game is super slow the android app it need to fix that problem