Pokemon X male character glitch is no more!

I was just playing Pokemon X after a few days then I noticed that the weird glitch on male player’s face has been removed. Thats a good improvement and now I think Pokemon X works perfectly on Citra.
Thanks for everything Citra!!


last i checked, it was still broken during holo-calls.

I just checked that and uploaded, it was all fine

if by “uploaded” you mean the picture from before, yeah that’s not a holo call, if you’re playing as serena, there’s like 2 instances in the game where it happens.

Well I am confused, we can’t do any Holo Call in CItra, just in game calls

what are you even talking about? holo calls are a thing in XY, your rival makes em to tell you that they’re gonna fight you infront of a gym, so you should be ready, hell lysandre calls you a few times.

I’m not sure the artifacts in the face are something Citra is doing. I think It is a shader issue. Maybe you just updated your graphics drivers. And people still experiencing it just didn’t or their have an older/slower GPU.

Anyway, thanking Citra is never wrong.

I was male character so I got confused, I thought we were talking about internet calls which isn’t possible on emulators