Pokemon X Route 6 Bug

Pokemon X can’t access route 6:
After the scene with snorlax on route 7 you’re instructed to go up to route 6. When going up to route 6 you hit an invisible wall that you can’t pass, therefore you can’t enter route 6.

System Information

  • Operating System: Mac OS
  • CPU: m1
  • GPU: m1
  • Citra Version (found in title bar): Citra Nightly 1695
  • Game: Pokemon X

citra_log.txt (35.2 KB)

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Citra currently doesn’t support M1 macs. The fact that Citra works at all is already considered somewhat lucky. There currently aren’t any plans to support them in the future.

Dude I literally just faced this same issue and apparently you’re the only other one hit with this too. Did you manage to solve it? Please let me know how if you have.

I have the same issue as well. Running M1 chip

Same, using Citra Canary 1981 on Mac M1. How about Pokemon Y, will there be the same bug?

guys I solved the bug on the route 6 issue.Well not really solved, but you can complete the game now. The issue being that there is an invisible wall on route 6 and the user cannot cross it. I even tried the walkthrough codes but of no use. So, what I instead did was that- this issue is only present on the M1 mac and not on other OS versions(windows, android, linux). So, what I did was that I copied the ‘main’ file from the directory of my M1 mac and and used the same pokémon X rom and .cia files on my android phone and ran the game from there just a step ahead and saved the game. The character was able to cross the wall and I entered route 6. So after saving the game, I again took out the “main” file from the citra folder on my android and moved it into the folder on my mac where the previous ‘main’ file was. And, successfully, that worked. Now I’m able to play the game.
Sorry for late reply, but actually, I recently purchased my new M1 mac recently and came to the issue just now and solved it. Well not solved it but,… I hope this works for others as well.
Thank You

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hey what file do I use to transfer and where do I find it

Uhh it’s the main file. U just go to citra right click and it will say “Open Save Data Location”. That’s ur main file

Sorry I’m not good at these things. I got a mac and also parallels desktop that permit me to have windows in my mac. How can I copy this file and open it in an other pc? because I tryed but when I try to open it it gives me a black window with lots of words in white, help me pls