Pokémon X savefile reset

I am currently trying to restart a ROM of Pokémon X,
but when I use the button combination, nothing happens.
(The game reacts like I didn’t press anything except B,
and even this only occasionally.)

System Information
(I do not expect any of this to have an impact.)

  • Operating System: Windows10
  • Citra Version: Nightly 547
  • Game: Pokémon X

(Also, I am aware that the game is currently running badly,
but I will happily wait, as I have no other option anyway.)

This is a known issue with ReplySleepQuery being unimplemented. The workaround to this is to delete the save Pokemon X’s save folder.

Which would be located where?

Go to File -> Select Game Directory so that games show up in the list. Right click on Pokemon X and select Open Save Data Location.

Alright, I now need to delete “main”?

If that’s it, then it didn’t work, sorry.

Not just the main file. You go back three directories until you are in 00040000 and delete the folder that named after the game’s lower title ID which in this case is 00055d00.

Ok, that seems to have done it, thanks.

Just a tip, but Pokemon X/Y still don’t work in Citra, although the problem has been identified, and progress is being made every day.

What was the problem @GDhex12 ? Not texcache afaik.

Our DSP emulation is based on the home menu DSP firmware, but some games give the 3DS their own DSP firmware. Wwylele confirmed that loading the home menu DSP firmware while X&Y are running on real hardware creates the same problems that Citra has. So the DSP needs to be emulated at a lower level so that Citra can make use of the DSP firmware provided by the game.

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Whoa, that was awesome @wwylele ! You have the gratitude of a million pokefans around the globe.

so you’re saying that the issue breaking Pokemon X&Y has been figured out?

we are saying that its likely the going to fix the issues, but we don’t know if there are other issues in the game unrelated to audio.

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Let’s hope there are not. :crossed_fingers:

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As I said on the post itself,
I am aware, but while you mention it,
when can we expect this to be fixed?

We don’t know the exact date, but a few months might be a good guess.

Oh, more than expected, but thanks.

i’m trying to delete it on android, but the game doesn’t open and I don’t know how to do it