Pokemon X savegame in German

Hello everyone,

just asking myself, if you would mind to upload a clean “Pokemon X” savegame in German ?

Just got this “black-screen”-bug after selecting the game and this solution seems to work. I´ve found some on English but the german-version is unfortunately necessary for my project.

You, the brave folks of community-citra, are my last hope :wink:
May god bless you all.

Great regards

I think pokemon x and y are not playable yet.


I actually finished it on English without lags or problems.

What the hell makes you think, that it isn´t playable ? :slight_smile:

it is not playable unless you used an unofficial build with a fix.

also you can find save files on the internet. plenty of them actually

Aside from what’s been brought up regarding compatibility: Just transfer your own savegame from your real 3DS?

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Well, that makes sense xD
Didn´t know that´s possible.

I guess, I´m one of that “lucky-folks” which played the game without big issues, except some framerate-collapse and black screens ingame, which got fixed in config-file.

i am really interested in this config option that got the game running. would you mind explaining that since a lot of people on the forum want to run the game aswell

As far as I know, there´re plenty of people, which played the game successful on their computer.

Uploaded here : [Mod Edit]

Optimized for AMD cards, many issues with Nvidia.

Just tried 1 game on this settings and played it trough.

Have fun.

Remove your link now, you included illegal files inside