Pokemon X Videos on Citra (SPED UP) OUTDATED

So here are two videos that I recorded on the latest Canary. Btw. This is sped up because I don’t want you guys to get bored of watching a 15-30 minute video lol.

Update: This is outdated. Don’t follow this video anymore.


so does it work now?

Wait, does it actually work now? Because if it does, I’m gonna download that RIGHT NOW!!!

Apparently, it works in the CANARY build. I use the NIGHTLY, and I don’t have the sound option to allow Poke X/Y to work.

Also, it depends on your definition of “work”. The average fps from people that have managed to get it working is about FIVE frames per second. A bit more with Mono sound selected, from what I read.

Actually, I found a savegame for Poke X in the Internet that when I loaded into my Poke X it allowed me to play. The issue I had with it is that I couldn’t select the avatar or the name for my character, which for me is a big no-no. The save game also comes with the starter pokemon selected, IIRC, which is another let down. So, it’s good for checking how the game works, but not for actually playing.

So, once past the point after creating your character (which you can do) and the intro movie played afterwards (which is when my Citra black screens and stops working), you can play without many problems. Until the game runs into another movie, I guess, at which point it will die too.

You could just use PKhex to change the starter and trainer.

as it currently stands in HLE audio the game softlocks during the opening cutscene, whenever a pokemon levels up, whenever you get an item, and a few other cutscenes and random places in the game, effectively making the game impossible to play . You can’t seriously expect to play through the game just by getting a save file and skipping the intro cutscene.

the new LLE audio feature fixes these issues, and is proving to be a great tool for improving the HLE audio code. Yes, LLE is slow at the moment, but as mentioned in the blog post, this is fine, as soon enough the game will work in HLE and will be full speed.

I kinda expected that, actually. Now the game at least runs, which means we took a great step forward in making it work. Now, I’m sure it won’t be long until we get an update that makes it work well, like ORAS, SM and USUM.

it works good but slow

this is redundant this game now work with hle by using Canary build 1129 and you install the ACC codec if using windows.https://github.com/citra-emu/citra/wiki/HLE-AAC-Decoder

So for your sake, this is outdated. Keep in mind that this post and video was uploaded a week ago. So don’t follow this video and do what I did.

Video is now Private. Now close this thread if you can Moderators.