Pokemon X/Y issue

Guys,I’m having an issue while playing pokemon x/y.During cutscenes,the background goes black and also there are black rectangular spots on the male character’s face.Has a solution been found out to this problem and if not,will this problem be fixed by the Citra team anytime soon?I’d really appreciate a solution or fix to this soon.Thanks and looking forward to an answer. :smiley:
If it were not for these two issues,i would had no other complaints as these issues take away the gaming experience that i want to enjoy.(Specially the cutscene issue as cutscenes are an important part of the gaming experience). But I must say I am really grateful to Citra for everything they’ve done so far.After all my years of waiting,i’m finally able to make my dream come true being able to play pokemon x/y on pc and I want to give Citra my heartiest thanks for that.

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In order for us to provide better support, we need to see the log generated by Citra. This guide will walk you through how you can obtain the log file: How to Upload the Log File.

Unfortunately there’s no fix for that yet. And I don’t think anyone is working on it right now. Stay tuned.

Oh,I see. I really wish they fix it soon For everyone’s sake :slight_smile:
They’ve come a long way with their progress,they’ve put all the toughest pieces of the puzzle together,the remaining few pieces shouldn’t be a bigger deal for them.
Please Citra,don’t turn back now after coming so far! :worried:

its not something that is easy to fix. its a bug in the original game that is covered up by a dumb corner case in the original hardware. emulating that corner case is a complicated challenge and would likely make the game much much slower if we could even find a way to fix it. https://github.com/citra-emu/citra/pull/3097#issuecomment-348000321

I’ll be rooting for Citra to get it fixed.Please don’t give up Citra team.:worried:
They’ve come a long way in this journey and there’s just a little more to go.

sorry if i didn’t make it clear. If we fix it, it’ll likely make citra much much slower. and no one wants that. no one.

its not worth the effort to fix a few small visual bugs where theres so many other problems in citra. sure, as a user you have a few “pet bugs” that you care deeply about, but as a developer, we care about all of the issues. but when you work on a project for free, in your spare time, you just have to pick things that are more important. its not giving up; this is just is not a priority.

Sir,you said that it’ll “likely” make citra slower. Doesn’t that mean that there is also a chance that it won’t make Citra slower?As long as there’s a chance we can still try at least,can’t we?And if the outcome turns out to be bad like you’ve said,then we can just undo the effect and make Citra go back to it’s previous speed.No harm done then,right?

And I don’t think the cutscene bug is that minor of a bug because cutscenes are an important part of the gaming experience.Sure,I can make do with the black square spots on the protagonist’s face as it’s a pretty minor bug and,in fact,i actually think it’s kind of cute :grinning:.But it’s the cutscene bug that’s bothering me.It takes away a lot of the gaming experience and you can’t enjoy the game to the fullest.

Yeah, except the loss of hundreds (if not thousands) of hours of development time.

As a user, it’s natural for you to underestimate the time & effort needed to even fix minor bugs. From my own experience, I spent ~50 hours fixing bugs related to full-screen, yet there are a few cases where it still occurs.

Addressing a corner case is a nightmare for emulation devs. Often they have to use “hacks”. For example, Accurate Multiplication helps address certain edge cases in the hardware (0 × INFINITY). But they’re so rarely used and have such a huge performance impact that an option had been left to disable it.

It is likely that this bug, if fixed, will have similar issues. And Citra developers are strictly against “hacks” that can be enabled or disabled.

So are you saying there’s no prospect of this cutscene bug ever getting fixed? :worried:

probably not anytime soon.

I see :pensive:…So how long might we have to wait?
I waited for 7 years to play Pokemon Y,I might as well just wait a little longer.
What do you guys suggest,should I wait or should I jump right into playing the game?

Depends on what you want. If you want the complete experience, better wait. And I don’t think this is going to get fixed anytime soon. We have many things going on right now.

  • Asynchronous GPU Emulation
  • Disk-based Shader caches
  • Amiibo support upgrades
  • Open-source Mii Database
  • Mic support (we may get a new contributor here! :tada:)

And many more…

Guess I’ll keep waiting then…But can you give me an approximate estimation on when it’ll get fixed? :pensive:

as soon as someone fixes it. no sooner, no later.

And when might that be?Please take a guess sir.My mind won’t be at peace as long as someone doesn’t give me a rough estimation. :pensive:

I’ve played the whole game already, and there are only, like, TWO short cutscenes with black textures - one at the beginning of the game and one more in the middle. Even the final grand epic scene before the credits works perfectly. And black spots on one character aren’t very distracting, as they funnily resembles camouflage marks. So there are no reason for the developers to be bothered by such a minor problem that completely not affects the game itself. Just go and play!

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Dude,you just helped me get over my finickiness .Thank you! You really saved me with your comment. If it’s just two short cutscenes as you say,what am I doing fussing over this?LOL. I should “just go and play” like you said. :smile:

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I think a fix may take a year or two, considering the ton of RE involved and the huge coding and review times.

hello the upload log site has been closed can you help me even I put another log text it stills says fatal error please comment super fast I want to play pokemon x