Pokemon xy is still unplayable in several update?

We players needs to play pokemon xy but its still an
error and this black screen of the start screen and
making several updates and ?? Not resolved the error
of pokemon xy i have the game pokemon y but i cant
play it i want to play, im very want to play it
but i cant and i like the game but i want to play and
??? Where is the error resolved into these several

(Hey Resolve it)
citra_log.txt (1.1 KB)
when will the fix finish, days and hours?

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More one time, Citra can’t run Pokémon XY NOW, that’s a problem with sound driver, but one developer is working to solve this, be patient, or if you have the solution you are free to write this in Citra code.

If you want to see progress of development, enjoy in Citra Discord, the nick of person that working in Pokémon XY bugs is wwylele, you can found him in Development chat.


will this fix also gonna work on hyrule warriors?