Poképuffs and Pokébeans scrolling

I admit that I have problem scrolling through the Poképuffs list in Pokémon Amie in X and Omega Ruby and Pokébeans list in Pokémon Refresh in Moon and Ultra Sun even on real 3DS, but I manage somehow, after few tries. In Citra, however, only once in OR I was successful and even that was by accident, which I wasn’t able to reproduce. All other times I was unable to scroll through the list in OR, M and US in Citra (I don’t play X on Citra, for obvious reasons). Is there some kind of trick to scroll through that, or am I without luck and have to feed my Pokémon what is available for me after opening the list?

TBH it’s pretty bloody hard to pull off. The best way I’ve been able to (in Ultra Moon) is to drag the mouse cursor across the bottom of the little green strip repeatedly and cross my fingers. After about 10 - 30 seconds I usually manage it.


Yes, i had this problem too, and iirc this also happens on a 3ds unless you position your stylus very carefully.

It’s actually really easy. Just make sure your cursor is actually moving (at a pretty decent speed) and is over the pokebean bar before you click. Sorry for bumping the post, had to make it more specific


this dude is a lifesaver