Pokkén Tournament DX crashes character select or is stuck on vs loadingscreen


i was trying to get Pokkén Tournament DX to work but it crashes at character select or is stuck on vs loadingscreen. I tried to follow all steps which were recommended, quickstart, drivers etc.
But im out of options, maybe this is an problem with my system?

Maybe you can tell from the logfile?
yuzu_log.txt.old.txt (206.1 KB)

My drivers should be up to date:

Is it the same in OpenGL?

it seems very similar, except that it has graphical glitches, but it also crashes or is stuck on match vs screen previous to single battle start.

yuzu_log - ogl2.txt (128.9 KB)
yuzu_log - opengl.txt (86.3 KB)

Seems like a regression introduced by the texture cache rewrite.
Can you tell me if this version works? https://github.com/yuzu-emu/yuzu-mainline/releases/download/mainline-0-488/yuzu-windows-msvc-20201229-f7d88bc47.zip
That’s just before TCR got added.


this version solves the crashing and the stuck on loading screen in opengl and also vulcan.
though the models are invisible on vulcan and textures are like one color and 10% alpha in opengl mode.

Yeah that confirms it as a TCR regression, I have notified our GPU dev about it.

ok, thank you for the fast reply :), then im lookin forward to another version

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