Port Forwarding and connecting to your Citra server

Hello there ive created a room, after ive already port forwarded successfully through my router settings. Made a bat file to keep the server up and running, but… i can’t connect to the room directly, meaning that i can only use “Direct Connect to Room” to get inside but only me. Friends though not only cant get in by just double clicking(like i cant either) but also cant connect using the “Direct Connect to Room” either. The error thats giving is this

EDIT: And looking at the citra server list it shows like this


There is no visible grey arrow next to the server

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Check if your firewall or antivirus isn’t blocking citra-qt.exe and citra-room.exe.
also on your router settings try using a port range from citra’s default port, 24872 + 16, i.e: 24872-24888. also make sure that you are assigning your computer ip to your port forwarding settings (if required).

Ok will do thank you

Ive checked everything you proposed still gives me the same error :slightly_frowning_face:

I am with the same error I can not create public rooms people can only connect directly by ip

Does that occur only when using citra-room? does it also happen by using Multiplayer > Create Room?

Hi, I have the same error. I can create the room but nobody can join it.
But if I can join locally from another citra.

I showed both instances of having the same issue. So yea

Same issue, i’ve been trying to play with my friends the entire day