Port Forwarding, is it required to host or battle/ trade?

As the title says, is it absolutely necessary to run Citra with a open port? Because my VPN (ProtonVPN) doesn’t support port forwarding, and running it with inverse split tunneling would disable the Kill Switch feature.

I’m actually able to host a chatroom, and meet other players in the PSS passerby, but as it happens, as of yet no one joined my room, nor was i able to successfully establish a link with other players for battling/ trading (Pokémon games).

ProtonVPN servers use port 8080 to connect to the internet. I’m guessing i can’t stack up an additional service to this port? Thank you. I’m expecting a quick reply, hence why i didn’t submitted it for support.

Shoulda used the search function on older threads… xD Yeah, apparently it’s no LAN (or wireless) for me. :frowning: Can’t afford to disable Kill Switch, reveal my residential IP, or open a port on an application that can be unsafe/ hackable.

Thanks for creating this great emulator though. :slight_smile: Keep up the good work, and maybe defy the laws of networking by changing the need for port forwarding. Looool :wink:

You could try it though. you only need to port-forward if you want to host rooms, if that is too much a hassle just connect to other people rooms.

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Nah, that won’t work. The port is closed. ProtonVPN is highly focused on privacy and security features. Having a open port in your system is an obvious security breach. Only good VPN i know of that supports it through more intricate methods is AirVPN.


I can host them, but apparently other people can’t connect to me. I should just get an error message when creating a room without port forwarding enabled. Regarding trading and battling, would i still be able to do it with the ones who have open ports?

That should be feasible. I tried it a couple of times, but the connection always times out. I don’t know whether this is because they don’t answer, deny or because their own ports are closed.

Similarly, wouldn’t it be possible to employ a system resembling what happens in p2p? If others can’t connect to me, then i connect to them and establish a link. This is what makes it possible to still seed without port forwarding. Now, if everyone had closed ports, then no one would be able to connect to anybody. Only takes one to dance, so to say. :slight_smile:

You don’t need to port-forward to join other people rooms. only port-forward if you want to host one. however if it fails check your network stability, high latency is likely the cause of disconnects.

does ProtonVPN creates a virtual network adapter? if i recall correctly citra doesn’t play well with that.

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I already did managed to battle and trade. Both by sending and accepting requests. That’s cleared out of the way. I wanted to host a private room, but i guess someone else from the group will have to do it.

Yes, Proton creates a virtual network adapter. TAP - ProtonVPN Network Adapter V9. Like every other VPN, i think. I do use the TCP protocol, which increases latency the farther it connects to, in comparison with UDP. Anyways, thanks. :smiley:

Citra’s network implementation uses UDP only (something like that).
You may wanna contact ProtonVPN support (or similar forums), there may be some way to circumvent this while still being able to use the advantages of VPN.

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The VPN use between TCP and UDP is interchangeable. Optional, but since my ISP is throttling ProtonVPN on UDP as soon as they detect p2p packets, i have no other option but to go TCP in order to hide my traffic.

Citra can still use UDP. It’s UDP encapsulated inside TCP.