Port forwarding?

I’m trying to open a room for me and my friends to play Mario Party (we tried both public and unlisted rooms but still got the same port forwarding error), but I’m unsure how to port forward.
I go into my router’s port configuration page, can’t find citra anywhere, so I try to add it, but get this:

What kind of information am I suppose to enter here? I can’t find it anywhere.
Sorry if this is a noob-ish question, I just honestly have no idea how to do this.

My computer:
Windows 10
Intel i5-4200U CPU @ 1.60Ghz 2.30GHz
8 GB ram
Nightly #709
Mario Party The Top 100
Screenshot of room:

My log is supposedly too big to upload?

My friend’s end:
(They are using Canary #619)

citra_log.txt (8.2 KB)

I did not find anything wrong in your log file. Please wait for a moderator to assist.

Just insert any application name and on private/public port put citra default port 24872.
for Local IP Address put your, run “ipconfig /all” on command prompt (without quotes) look for IPV4. save, reboot router/modem.