Portable mode etc

So I’m fairly new to Citra and I haven’t done much else than play the games. I traded with myself a few times which I didn’t have to create a portable mode citra for for some reason, but today that cahnged and it didn’t work anymore. Now I’m trying to figure out what all this portable stuff means, but I can’t find a concrete answer. Can someone briefly say what you’re actually doing? Because I’ve been trying all day and I can’t figure it out.
Thanks in advance


A portable install of Citra requires that you download the build directly from Github: https://github.com/citra-emu, you can choose either the Nightly or Canary builds.

Once you’ve extracted the build to your preferred location, you need to create a user folder the in root directory of that portable install. Citra will now use that user folder to store its save data, system files, save states, config settings etc.

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I’m sorry but I really dont understand. I downloaded the main citra file and now I have citra-master zip on my pc and I extracted it to the desktop. i don’t know what I’m supposed to do next though.

Nah citra-master.zip is incorrect. Go to the download page: https://citra-emu.org/download/ then click on manual download:

Choose either Nightly or Canary and click on the symbol that corresponds to your OS. Most likely you have Windows, right? It would be the third icon.

Then extract once it’s downloaded and go inside its folder(e.g nightly-mingw folder) and create a folder called user, see screenshot below:

Now Citra is in “portable mode” so all saves, settings etc. will be inside that user folder :slight_smile:

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I did exactly as you said and I’m fairly certain it worked, but how do I get my save files on that version of citra?

Copy all folders from %appdata%\Citra into the newly created user folder.

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I got it! thank you so much!

Actually, I hate to say it but I’m facing another problem… I’m trying to trade with myself now. I opened the emulator twice, they both have different IDs, they’re both in the same room. But now I can’t invite my one account . On the second account I can see the first one, but on the first one I dont see the second one

You shouldn’t start the same citra-qt.exe twice, make a copy of the standalone folder so it has its own setup.

On one Citra create the room, and on the other join with Direct Connect to Room and use as the IP.

I copied the folder called citra-mingw so I had two different ones and started up both of them seperately. Made a room and joined it like you said. On one of them I can invite the other. But on the second one it doesn’t show up. When I do invite it, it loads for a while and then the screen turns black.

I downloaded citra from “manual download” and attempted to make a folder named user but it gives me an error please help

i opened citra-qt.exe from nightly-mingw and i checked and it was the same username. how can i open a different citra launcher

Can you show where you created the user folder? Maybe make an album at https://imgur.com/ to add multiple screenshots if you need to show more things.