Possible to dump system archive from backups?

Unfortunately after moving I’ve lost my O3DS SD card and even if I had it I no longer have a way to connect it to my PC. But after searching my old HDD, I found not only my NAND backups but also an SD backup (with 3ds-utils installed but not used x.x).

I was wondering if it’s possible to dump the system archive from my NAND backup, without needing to directly interface with the 3ds?

It might be possible. There was the old guide for dumping the config save game where you could mount your NAND on a Unix OS and explore it but it required the NAND xorpads dumped too.

I assume dumping the xorpads was not a part of the normal homebrewing process? If not I doubt I would have dumped them.

It’s not part the of the homebrewing process. A 2GB SD card is cheap and should suffice with dumping the system files and a USB adapter isn’t too expensive.