Possible to open only one window when citra-qt.exe launched?

The answer to this is probably “no” for now, but just to make sure - is there any way to configure citra-qt.exe to open only the actual emulator window and not the separate error/message log window every time it’s launched? It would be a small extra convenience to only have the emulator window open when I want to switch between tasks; every time I switch back to Citra from another program, I need an extra click to choose between the Citra log and the Citra emulator in the taskbar. One. Extra. Click. First world problems. I’m on Win 7 64-bit. Thanks!

That is not currently possible, no

Thanks for the confirmation. Is this planned in the future?

There was a plan to rewrite the logging system so that window wasn’t required, but it never quite got finished

OK - hopefully that gets revived, but I have no skills myself, so I’m not much help. Either way, I appreciate the info.

My above request was temporarily fulfilled in that the separate logging/debug window was not opened by default as of Canary build 371 (i.e. only the single Citra emulation window was opened), but as of Canary build 383, the logging window is back. I assume from the build 371 change that progress is being made to implement this option, but in the meantime, does build 383 include a setting to disable/not open the logging/debug window? Thanks again!

The code for that was removed cause it had the option to output the log to a file and the developers couldn’t agree on how handle the size of it. If the log spams a lot, the file size of the log output could get too big. The developer who wrote it was busy working on other stuff in Citra and closed it in favor of someone taking over it. Unfortunately Canary 383 doesn’t have it anymore so the command window will have to be there.

Thanks, Leo - hopefully this issue will be resolved and the option to close the separate logging window will be reinstated in a future build. In the meantime, I’ll probably revert to build 371.