Potential for real motion/gyro control support?

I didn’t see this answered, so is it plausible that at some point Citra will be able to directly support the gyro controls in the Steam controller/ DS4/ Switch Pro controllers to serve as the 3DS gyro in games? Gyro aim adds a lot to games like OoT/MM3D and it would be a waste not to be able to use the gyros in these controllers while playing.

Because gyro isn’t really expected or supported through traditional Xinput and Dinput, I assume it may be difficult to recognize the motion input in order to use it in the first place… I just wanted to ask since this is the biggest thing on my wishlist for Citra. Thanks to all the developers working on this emulator.

Yeah, this is going to be a tricky thing, especially on Windows. (Linux is a different case as gyros can be supported over there. I’m not sure if SDL supports it, though)

I’m not familiar about the DS4 or the Switch controllers, so I cannot really speak on them. I’m going to assume that they don’t natively export the gyro interface, and if they do, it would be some kind of emulated mouse rather then a dedicated interface.

The Steam Controller is a mess - they do not provide any kind of generic driver beyond the Xbox emulation that Steam itself does. Unless they produce something better, linking directly against a Steam Controller specific driver sounds like a awful mess.

Cemu now has the ability to utilize the gyro controls of the DS4:

That’s pretty much exactly what I was hoping for in my post above… shouldn’t this mean it’s technically possible for real gyro controls here as well?

You shouldn’t be comparing Cemu to Citra in the first place.

Citra and Cemu are two completely different emulators, so you’re comparing apples to oranges here.

But anyway, Citra handles controls very differently than Cemu, so I expect it would be much harder to do this on Citra.

We were talking about the challenges of getting gyro controls recognized by any kind of emulator in the first place; what I posted is not just something specific to Cemu, but more of a general example of “yes, you can get a console controller’s gyro to work on PC.” I understand that Citra is a totally different emulator, but I hope the developers keep track of this and find a way to make it work here as well, because gyro aim was a pretty important enhancement for a lot of 3DS titles.

FYI this thread is ancient, but I added support for cemuhook motion controls to citra not too long ago and you can try it out in canary.