Pro Controller and Yuzu

Hello guys,
so I finally got the Zelda TOTK Pro Controller and it is also my first Pro Controller! For Yuzu I’ve been using the Xbox 360 controller which wasn’t bad but lacks motion support and I finally wanted to try a different controller as well.

So far so good, I’ve connected the controller to my PC via Bluetooth, opened Yuzu and the controller worked immediately just like on the actual Switch Console.

But now I have some questions: I know this isn’t a Yuzu issue but whenever I restart my PC, I’ll have to re-add the controller to Windows which is a bit annoying and the thing is, each time after this the analogue stick quite drifts to the right within Yuzu but it only lasts for like a minute of playing and then this effect completely disappears. Is this a normal behavior?
Controller is brand new and works perfectly fine after this short period.
If this is isn’t normal I might should return it to the store still…

Another question I’m having, is that if I install BetterJoyForCemu (and the driver) does this affect the behavior of the Controller in Yuzu or does it work just fine, as long as the BetterJoy App isn’t running?

Thanks a lot!

In order for us to provide better support, we need to see the log generated by yuzu. This guide will walk you through how you can obtain the log file: Getting Log Files - yuzu

With or without betterjoy it should work as long as it is an official controller.

Bluetooth and windows has never really been good with controllers. Maybe in future they’ll improve on that.

Yes, it is the official Nintendo Pro Controller (TOTK Design).

I see, any idea why the left stick is drifting for like a minute and then it works perfectly fine?

Some of that can be just how the controller is / it’s connection through bt. General tip is to spin joysticks in a circle once or twice then re-select controller in input device list. That should refresh them.

solo quiero saber lo de mi token

yuzu Early Access - yuzu this covers token for normal usage & early access

Thanks for the tip, anyways after a few seconds the Controller drifting stops.
Can definitely live with that.

Regarding the BT connection issue (which is more annoying) it seems like (according) to the Reddit community, it’s not a windows related issue in this case but rather seems like a BT version problem.
According to several users, BT 4.0 is fine but also other version such as 5.2…

Of course, I got 5.1 and have to reconnect the damn Controller each time.
I think I’m going to order some cheap BT Adapter.

Update: Joycon on PC Bluetooth not reconnecting/flashing PERMANENT FIX - Joycon disconnecting FIX - YouTube
Yep, it is the BT versions fault.

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Battery level seems quite inaccurate in Yuzu?

No percentage, no low battery warning.
Before the last charge, when I checked the Battery level it was shown as high as this (picture) and then it died like two hours after playing and Yuzu went crazy as it lost the input device.

The drifting issue once did not disappear after a few moments of use.
I had to restart Yuzu and then it was fine again… Very weird issue.

The battery level won’t go below that what is shown on the Screenshot. Died again during playing.
Will this be improved in the future? At least a battery warning message would be wonderful :slight_smile:

Another question: According to Nintendo and many users online this Controller should last around 40h. I’m not even getting close to that under Windows, maybe 20h at max. Could it be, that the Controller lasts less long under Windows? Doesn’t really make sense IMO.

Controller is 100% genuine and new.

Anyone any idea?! :see_no_evil:
I can get this controller checked / replaced but I doubt it got a problem.

After the latest updates drifting issue is gone and the battery level now changes also. Level is now at 2/4 (50%).