Probelm logging Multyplayer (Pokemon Ultramoon)

Greetings Guys,

Everytime i try trade/battle on pokemon ultramoon this message come out:

i can enter the servers rooms with no problem and i see my username on secleted room, but i can’t trade or battle in game cause this message.

Can sameone help me please? :nose::nose::nose:

(My apologise for my english… i’m Italian :sweat_smile:)

Press the blue text and the instructions should open up.

Yeah… it tells me haw to on 3ds console… i want to play online by pc with citra… i don’t have a nintendo 3ds xD

It is possible by pc?

Many Thanks!! :slight_smile:

We don’t support piracy. You need to have both the 3DS console and the games bought in order to help you.