Problem drop fps all games

Hi, I have a good pc and my citra worked well until a few days ago, perfect dragon ball fusions, fire emblem fates and sun pokemon, now everyone has fallen. I played indoors at 30fps now down to 22fps. I have updated drivers, system etc. I have windows 10. Here I leave link. Thanks in advance, sry my english.

Dragon ball fusions

Make sure that you don’t have any hooking programs opened like MSI Afterburner.

All processes closed, only citra running, has performance priority, permissions, antivirus disabled etc, I’ve been trying to find a solution for days. He played dragon ball perfectly and now runs 70% …

I have used some settings to improve the performance, disable the antivirus, more ccleaner, free space etc, and now it goes well, but they have disappeared 2 roms of the folder :frowning:
It is important in windows 10 to disable the antivirus within the system and not from the antivirus itself