Problem on startup (command prompt screen)

Hello, i am facing a problem when opening citra (latest build). There is no UI, the emulator only shows as a command prompt screen. tried installing other versions or opening -qt but to no avail.

System Information

  • Operating System: Windows 10 (x64)
  • CPU: core I7
  • GPU: Geforce 960m

Boot Citra-qt, not citra. Citra is the command line interface for the emulator, citra-qt is the qt-produced GUI interface. Citra QT should pull up an extra window, which should have the interface and menu’s you need. If that still only brings up a blank black screen with no menu’s, then post your logfile please?

ok, i booted Citra-qt, same problem. how can i create a logfile ?


Alright, this is a bit more reoccuring then I thought, rather then something new. Can you try running citra-qt through a command prompt once? Another user’s reported that after doing that once they were able to just run it normally everytime thereafter.

yeah, strangely it runs fine from command prompt, just noticed it.

Does it run fine regularly thereafter, after you’ve run it successfully from the command prompt?

no, only from the command prompt.

Does this persist after a reboot? If yes, are you using the version from the installer, or manually downloaded? If manually downloaded, is it the mingw or msvc version of citra?

Hit enter to solve this. U might have to wait for some time, depending upon your cpu.

I have the same problem … I do not know what to do.