Problem with city configuration

Hello, I am trying to play Pokemon Sun on the latest version of Citra but it does not make me change the configurations of Citra itself.
The game is running slow so I looked on the website what to change in order to optimize the performance but when I go on “Emulation” I just get “start”, “pause” and “stop”. What should I do?

System Information
Nome modello: MacBook Air
Identificatore modello: MacBookAir7,2
Nome processore: Intel Core i5
Velocità processore: 1,6 GHz
Numero di processori: 1
Numero totale di Core: 2
Cache L2 (per Core): 256 KB
Cache L3: 3 MB
Memoria: 4 GB
Versione Boot ROM: MBA71.0166.B12
Versione SMC (sistema): 2.27f2
Numero di serie (sistema): C1MQW123G940
Hardware UUID: 6404B87F-C9DB-530A-B58C-159C80752F3A


Last login: Thu Nov 2 14:35:36 on ttys000
/Applications/Citra/nightly/ ; exit;
MacBook-Air-di-Mario:~ Mario$ /Applications/Citra/nightly/ ; exit;

Citra is still in it’s early stages of development.

Most games don’t run at full speed even on the best computers.

Can you say what is your Nightly version?

It is the last nightly build, I saw some videos on youtube where the game was working pretty well.

You can’t trust YouTube when it comes to Citra.

The videos could be very well sped up.

Also, your CPU isn’t very powerful and it only scores 1446 on the single core performance side. The minimum for playability is 1800 on this list.

Ok but still why can’t I change the settings of mine trying to improve it (even a bit)?
Also because it is not working so bad, a bit faster and would be really good

I think you have to open the special menu and select Preferences. (I’m not on macOS, so I don’t really get it.)