Problem with Ocarina of time

Since yesterday my ocarina of time crashes when im about to recieve an intem
im sad
what can i do?
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i dont know if you are familiar with the game, but if you are, im having a screen freeze (but the audio and apparently the game still works) whenever i obtain an important item or visit a store
(sorry for my english, im from méxico)
i dont know how to post my save file, it says that is an invalid format

Give example like receiving what item. I don’t think you could post the save file directly here. Just upload it to a file sharing host like Dropbox.

im currently in goron city, i found the problem in several places.
One for example is near the entrance, there is a wreckable wall (placing a bomb), inside there is a baul, when i got the item, the game freezes.
or, inside goron city, there is a store, if i want to buy something it freezes

in this video at 6:52 you can see how to get to goron city fast.!Ah7lgBQtjXoiiWBTBFO-2xWhruTG

Can you fill in the support template?

okey, ive already filled the template

i have the same problem, every time i get an item or something big happens, the screen freezes. i can still safe after by pressing the right buttens but the screen wont change. when i restart the game i got the new item. so its just playable but very depressing…

A random guess: does the game still freeze, if in your graphics configuration for Citra, you have hardware shaders disabled?

i think that fixed it. it hasnt freezed for over 30 min

OmG thank you so much!
I was searching hours are a solution for this problem and all i had to do was turn off the hardware shaders xD
I decided to use this emulator when my 3ds broke and i wasn’t able to play any of my games however was almost about to give up because the game kept “freezing” whenever i tried to get the sword. Again massive thanks!

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i am having the same issue but i cant play the game at all once it freezes. it freezes and the audio still plays. even turning ogg hardware shaders made no difference. only made it freeze faster haha.