Problem with song and image

Hi , i have a problem with song and image : when I start a game the song is horrible we can’t hear anything and the image it’s same it’s slow and repetitive . I can’t describe it in English but I guess I m not alone in this case plz help me becuz the settings are the same than you all .

If your computer isn’t powerful enough to run the game at full speed (or, if Citra isn’t optimized enough), then the audio will sound worse than usual, and the video will lag.

MacOS Sierra
macbook air (13-inch 2017)
Processor 1,8 GHz Intel Core i5
8 GO 1600 MHz DDR3
Macintosh HD
Graph Intel HD Graphics 6000 1536 Mo
that’s not enough powerful ?

That’s a low power laptop, and those aren’t good for emulation in general.

xD a pc to 1000 euros and it’s low imao ok thx

That is your problem when you’re buying an Apple machine… The same system would be about 300 euro’s cheaper if it were a PC. And it would be faster too… Friggin Apple Hipsters… Also keep in mind… it is a friggin AIR… Those are double as expensive because it has to be small and thin and light and the hardware that will be in there is made to draw as little power as possible and thus way slower than their non AIR big brothers. Also because it is so small it has bigger issues keeping the CPU and GPU cool, thus they will put in hardware that will not get as hot which are way slower components. It’s all on you…

yep ok my bad next time I’ll buy a true game pc thx guys