Problem with the Enable Hardware Shader

Hello , i had some time to play citra and i started recently,but i found a huge problem with All Citra Versions after 16/11/18(which works fine) Canary and Nightly. When i have the Harware Shader enabled the game is played nice but with some glitches where the face of the characters is going black and then come to normal.When i disable the hardware Shader the faces i have no glitches but the game is very slow. I currently play Pokemon Ultra Sun .Anyone knows what to do cause i tried everything.It Happens to fast to take an image so i have it in video from my cellphone .by they dont let my upload it so take a image look closely at cokuis face %CE%99%CE%BC%CE%B1%CE%B3%CE%B5
And those are my Specs

I will not have access to my computer for some time but i will reply when i have the time in a week or more. Please help until then

Your Intel IGPU is the issue here, disabling hardware shaders solves graphical issues but it reduces performance.

Yeah,but why the older version of citra worked well ?

At that time a PR was merged that made the “AMD hack” exclusive to AMD GPUs. But done Intel GPUs also need that hack, and that causes problems.

Thanks αlot for your reply, is there any possibility to fix this or I should play with the older version?

the latter, there is no ETA for fixing this issue.