Problem with the Roms of Pokémon in the last update of the Citra Canary

Today 08/11/2021 the Citra Canary version was updated from the 1982 version to the 1985 version of the emulator, and since then no roms of Pokémon X / Y, OR / AZ, S / M and US / UM do not work, I tried With different games and they start correctly, the problem is with the Pokémon roms, I warn you to solve the error.

The error that happens is that, when executing the Pokémon roms, the image freezes, then it turns black and the emulator closes.
I go back and repeat with roms of other games that does not happen, only with those of Pokémon.

citra_log.txt (222.2 KB)

In order for us to provide better support, we need to see the log generated by Citra. This guide will walk you through how you can obtain the log file: How to Upload the Log File.

System Information for Support

Client Version                                Canary 1985 HEAD-f6ddea2
Operating System                              Windows 10 (10.0)
CPU                                                   Intel(R) Celeron(R) CPU G1610 @ 2.60GHz
Graphics API                                  OpenGL 3.3.0
Graphics Renderer                             Intel(R) HD Graphics
GPU Driver Version                  
CPU JIT                                       [x]
Hardware Renderer                             [x]
Hardware Shader                               [x]
Hardware Shader, Accurate Multiplication      [ ]
Shader JIT                                    [x]
System Region                                 2
Shader Disk Cache                             [x]

Here’s some issues I found with your log that might help.

  • You are running out of date drivers for your GPU. You need to install the most recent driver for your graphics card from Intel’s website. Support for Intel® Graphics
  • Enabling Accurate Multiplication is recomended in certain games. If you are experiencing graphical glitches, try enabling this option.

^ This drivers is rather out of date. To update, download from Intel® Graphics Driver for Windows* [15.33]

Mirror link:

Furthermore, because your iGPU has driver bugs, you’ll need to use an older version of Citra in order to prevent random freezing and crashing from occurring until you upgrade your hardware:
Download citra-windows-mingw-20191214-ddb7ead.7z from Release nightly-1392: Merge pull request #5020 from jroweboy/dynamic-mf · citra-emu/citra-nightly · GitHub
Extract it using Winrar or 7zip. Put the extracted folder anywhere you want. Now run citra-qt.exe from the folder and run your game.

With the Citra Nightly 1719 version there is no problem, the Pokémon roms work normally, the problem is (as I informed you before), in the Citra Canary 1985 version, I already updated the video driver to the latest version and the problem persists, I use Citra Canary because the games are more fluid, but until the problem is solved, I will have to use the 1982 version again.

citra_log.txt (7.4 KB)

I did not find anything wrong in your log file. Please wait for a moderator to assist.

The problem is your driver bugs. Your old iGPU was one of the first of Intel’s iGPUs to support OpenGL 3.3 (the minumum required for Citra). However, they didn’t support every feature of OpenGL 3.3 correctly, resulting in driver bugs that randomly cause crashing in certain applications, even if the OpenGL extensions that are called don’t change between program versions.

We’ve narrowed down the last Citra version where these bugs do not happen at all to Nightly 1392. The Citra version after Nightly 1392 requires something from the OpenGL driver that your iGPU does not like → leading to random crashing. There is a chance that tomorrow or years from now Citra suddenly won’t work on Nightly 1719 anymore either. To be clear, people with your specific generation of iGPU make up around 40% of all support requests we get. It’s a very common issue.

As for the differences between Nightly and Canary, Nightly simply has the tested features from Canary. There currently aren’t any features in Canary that affect performance or the “fluidity” of your games whatsoever compared to our latest Nightly build. So it literally can’t run any better at the moment.

That’s how things are. If you, once again, don’t believe me, that’s fine. I wish you good luck discovering the information I just gave you yourself.

It is not that I do not trust you, on the contrary I turn to you to find a solution to the problem, I repeat again the problem is in the last 2 versions of Citra Canary 1984 and 1985, since the Citra Canary 1982 version works correctly, I know that my pc’s iGPU is old, max opengl support is 4.0 (that shows me here).

Well, if there is nothing to do with the error that happens on my PC with the last 2 versions of Citra Canary (1984 and 1985), then I will stay playing in the version which has not given me problems, which is 1982.

Anyway thanks for answering me and good luck to you too.

You say this and immediately contradict yourself afterwards.

I’m aware that you mentioned this. I’m also sure that I adressed this:

Since you appear very attached to these version that do work for you at the moment. Let me explain the issue a bit further:

This is not an issue with Citra. The 5 latest Canary versions that were released changed nothing that can crash literally anything. I should know, I’ve handled every support case that came in during the release times of those versions. The issue can therefore not be caused by Citra itself. Meaning there’s an issue with your configuration or set-up. Now that we’ve established that the problem isn’t Citra itself. Let’s move on to what the issue actually is.

Like I mentioned earlier:

This is a well known issue with your specific iGPU. The symptoms match, the log file matches and the observations you made, with one Citra version working and the next deciding not to without having any real reason not to, match as well.

To ilustrate the point, I have an old laptop with the same generation of iGPU that you have. An Ivy Bridge iGPU: Intel HD 4000. This iGPU has the exact same issues. I even fired it up for you and tried to play the latest Citra versions. The latest Canary build worked perfectly fine, The latest Nightly build froze my games on launch every single time. So that’s what I meant with randomly crashing. My observation is the inverse of yours, yet the issue is identical.

I then switched from my latop’s iGPU to my laptop’s dedicated NVIDIA GPU, and now both the latest Canary and Nightly run without issues. Combine the information above with the fact that, like I mentioned already, this is the most common support issue we get on the forums, and all of those support requests have different Citra builds that for some reason refuse to work, and the only thing that all of these support requests have in common is an Intel Ivy Bridge iGPU, I think you can see the point.

Nightly 1392 and below are the only Citra versions on which the OpenGL drivers of these Ivy Bridge iGPUs don’t just randomly decide to shit themselves after a while. This is why I recommended this build over using a Nightly or Canary build that currently still works for you. There’s a good chance that at some point, it won’t work for you anymore and it would suck if it corrupted your save data to go along with it (and before you ask, yes, that has happened a couple times before).

What you end up doing with this information is up to you. I still highly recommend you to use the Nightly 1392 build I linked earlier for the reasons metioned above. But yea, don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Ok, now I clearly understand what you mean and I don’t want to lose my games, so I will use the Citra compilation that you recommended.

Thanks for your patience and for helping me understand.

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