Problem with the update

I updated citra to the newest nightly build and I lost all my user folders ( in the citra folder and in 2 other folders as I’ve been keeping 2 backups) and Pokemon moon and Alpha Sapphire 3ds game files as I’ve been storing them in the Citra folder. Although that’s not the first time I updated through the update.exe in the citra folder, the results are new to me. I cant find the games anywhere on my pc but found the user folder in the recycle bin. Any ideas on where they might have actually gone?

i assume you mean the bleeding edge build since these are the ones that are able to update.

in regards to your lost file then i think they have been very much removed , when updated citra removes the older version including any files that were added in manually. this was added to prevent builds building up on the user’s hard drive (or so i believe).

you might have to re dump your games unfortunately, i recommend keeping them in a folder else where so they won’t get deleted again. also have citra use the folder in roaming to prevent the loos of your save files next time you update

Yeah it was the bleeding egde build after all, but this was the first time I lose my game files, kinda strange :confused: