Problems adding cheats

(sorry for my English, not my primary language)
Hello, I have a problem adding cheats to citra (pokémon sun). The “add cheats” option does not appear
But if you have another way to add cheats, tell me, because I have been using the emulator since yesterday and I have no experience with it XD
(forgive English, I’m not fluent)

Open the folder C:\Users\%username%\AppData\Roaming\Citra\cheats create a .txt file and name it with the Title ID 0004000000164800 (as on your screenshot) and put your cheat codes in it, e.g:

[cheat 1]
00000000 00000000
00000000 00000000

[cheat 2]
00000000 00000000
00000000 00000000

i’ve created the txt file,but in the cheats menu theres nothing there

Close citra first, make sure that the file is inside C:\Users\%username%\AppData\Roaming\Citra\cheats, for you game is 0004000000164800.txt

Guys, a i have the same problem.
i opne citra and the Pokemon, but if i open cheats tabs have nothing.
i tried to creat folder “cheats” and put all the “.txt”, but i dont have results, the table cheats continues not working.

I dont have idea to have to working the cheats.
My PC is MAC OS High Sierra and i dont know if there is a compatibility problem between the MAC OS and Citra.


Refer to the other comment, one post is more than enough :slight_smile:

I think i messed something up, the cheats doesn’t seem to work.

This is how I put the codes in my text file.
any ideas?

which version is your game on? the first cheat looks like it requires v1.2, the second is for either v1.1 or v1.2. here’s a list of cheat codes, it contains cheats for many different versions. remember that not all cheats work and some can cause crashes.

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I think I have the latest version of the game (portalroms), but the description of the cheat isn’t wrong in the code box ?

Piracy isn’t allowed here, dump your ROM and updates from your 3DS.

How can I determine what version of the game I currently have? I’m trying to play Omega Ruby and can’t tell why the cheats aren’t working, I’m thinking it’s probably the version but it doesnt appear to display the version anywhere.

If you haven’t installed any updates you are likely on v1.0. most pokemon games show on which version they are on the start screen (Ver. 1.X). if you have installed an update but you don’t remember which version was it, citra indicates on game list list right bellow the game icon ver. 1.X.

but something roms no work … . fortal roms is fake

the cheats addition button is present in the canary build so try using that if u want to use cheats

Hey Guys First Time here i need Someone Help Whom Usually Play 3DS i have Citra On My Android
And Problem Is About The Cheat I cannot Even Use It Can Someone Help me Thank You

Hey if you are using latest citra mmj(android) long pressing the name of the game in the list of starting page will open you up for adding cheat…
But it is only available in citra mmj not the citra…
I think you can get it in GitHub.

I have some error with applying cheat code.