Problems booting a homebrew .3dsx

Hello! I just downloaded the latest nightly of Citra ( Nightly Build - 05a6f24, at the time of writing) and ran it on an Intel i7 Core, 64-bit Windows 8.1 laptop and seem to be getting these errors trying to load up the HydraCastleLabyrinth.3dsx homebrew rom. Does anyone know what’s going on? The rom is definitely decrypted, works on other peoples’ computers, and I’ve also put my NAND contents in %AppData%\Roaming\Citra. I dumped the contents using the .3dsx in the topmost pin on the official Citra emu’s Discord support channel on my A9LH+Luma N3DS.

Here’s the log:
For good measure, here’s a photo of my Citra Roaming folder:

The game still isn’t booting for you? That’s so strange. Still works on Nightly-05a6f24, as well as BE-25f3b96 for me.

Did you dump your DSP firmware? (dspfirm). I’ve taken a screenshot of my log at the point where our two logs become different:

Whoops, sorry about that! Here’s the new log:

EDIT: To clarify, after dropping dspfirm.cdc in the folder, HydraCastleLabyrinth.3dsx still hangs on a black top screen, with the bottom screen inactive As stated on Discord the other day but for others reading this thread, the game doesn’t use both screens, but can toggle between them in its configuration menu, and it runs fine on my N3DS as a .cia/.3dsx in Homebrew Launcher.

I’ve made a fresh install of BE-192, with a user folder that contains only my system archives, and then I let Citra generate the sdmc folder. After that, I created the /3ds/ folder in the /sdmc/ directory, and only copied my dspfirm to it. Then I ran the game and let it generate the appdata folder. I even tried removing the system archives in an attempt to judge whether you dumped them incorrectly, or they were corrupt somehow. The homebrew runs perfectly find regardless of what I do, doesn’t require a system dump, and only requires the dsp dump for sound emulation. I don’t know what to say :frowning:

What commercial games do run for you?

When I was troubleshooting with Flamboyant_Ham a few days ago, I dumped and decrypted my Zelda: Tri-Force Heroes card and it ran, but with very interesting results:

Screenshots: Pic 1 (Title screen), Pic 2 (Intro cutscene), Pic 3 (Intro cutscene), Pic 4 (In-Game)

Log: Link (It was too big for Pastebin, so I trimmed massive duplicate lines, replacing them with […] implying the previous line would repeat for many frames until the line after the […].)

That’s the only commercial game I’ve tested though, and I’m not sure if I have the time to dump and decrypt my other game cards. I was working on some homebrew and it seems to display sf2dlib and sfillib properly on the bottom screen only, but I have some graphics and text on the top screen in the actual .3dsx which doesn’t show at all, yet works as intended on hardware. As for the text, sftdlib shows only the first character. I should also mention that my input isn’t going through either (the blue box should be able to move around with the D-Pad and left analogue stick.

Here’s a hardware and emulation comparison, and here’s the output log.

Huh, that doesn’t look right. Have you tried updating your graphics drivers?

Also, you might want to mess with the Enable hardware renderer and Enable shader JIT settings.

Hmm, I think those settings were already on by default. I tried updating my drivers just now, but the only difference I noticed was a tiny sftdlib-related change in my homebrew app: Link
EDIT: Actually, the red color on the font in that image was intentional: Since the time of the previous photo, the bottom screen should be sprintf’ing player movement variables in red text.
I can try Ocarina of Time or Pokemon Sun if I have enough time tomorrow to dump/decrypt/test, but I think my graphics drivers are up-to-date, and it seems the GCN/Wii Dolphin emulator runs fine on this laptop.
If it helps at all, my laptop is an Intel i7 Asus GL551J running Windows 8.1 with a 960M NVIDIA GeForce GTX graphics card.

EDIT: Fixed! Link

I updated the graphics driver, then I went to NVIDIA settings here and switched from “Integrated Graphics” to “High-performance NVIDIA processor.” Sorry for the trouble, but I hope this helps anyone else in the future with similar issues!

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