Problems with the audio

Hello! First time, sorry for my eng.lish, I am spanish.
I have problems with the audio.

It has lag.

I have Windows 7. Intel i7 4790 K CPU 4 GHz. RAM 16 GB. 64 bits. Graphics NVIDIA GeForce GTX.

Solution? Thankssss!!!

does that also happens to other games? is ‘Enable audio stretch’ enabled?
its likely that this is just an inaccuracy while emulating VC games.
play around with some settings, it may yield different results.

Yes, happend with other games.
You watch my configuration:

Whats is VC? ^^U.
I tried changing the options, but nothing…

Whats is VC?

Virtual Console.

what other games does this issue also happens?

With Kirby Battle Royale has not audio.

according to the compatibility list, Kirby Battle Royale has audio issues, but it should play some sound effects.

Yes. The background sound is not heard, but the sounds effects yes, how hit.

actually it’s an “old” open issue, for reference.