Professor Layton and the miracle mask: errors in 3D parts

Hello everyone, I’ve just tried the latest citra nightly build, but there are some errors.
All parts of the game work perfectly except those where there are 3D characters that speak: the dialogues are in slow motion and the figures show various graphic errors. Should I set something in Citra, or is a normal defect? Maybe it’s a stupid question, but I’m new to using Citra. Thanks in advance

Without seeing an actual video I can only assume things, but it sounds like your PC (GPU?) is probably too slow, hence the slowdown…

The visual errors are probably caused by lack of geometry shaders. This is not something a user can fix on their own - it will have to developed further by a coder.

Thank you for answering so quickly. My computer has an AMD radeon. Is it ok?

Here’s a 3-month video of the game running on Citra:

And here’s how it would look on the actual console:

Obvious slowdown because of lag, not because of logic errors.
Get a faster PC (not recommended) or wait until Citra is more optimized (recommended).

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What Jay said, wait until Citra is more developed and optimized, but if you want to play this game without any errors or slowdowns, playing it in your 3DS is the best option.

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I see. I’ll wait for the next developments of citra. Thanks