Progress for Luigis mansion dark moon

Did you fixed Dark moons slow down yet

and what about the graphic issue

If you’re referring to the flashlight bug in Luigi’s Mansion 1 (not dark moon), that has indeed been fixed by the dev responsible for the regression. I’ll ask them to open a PR for it soon.

As for the slowdown issue, I’ve already told you that that requires a major rewrite. Don’t expect it to get done before Vulkan is implemented. Which may still take a couple months.

speaking of vulkan how is the progress with vulkan

and what do you mean about a rewrite

is it rewriting the cpu code

and where do i get the flashlight fix build

It’s getting there. The progress is easier to follow on our discord server. We also have a testing channel for it with instructions on how to get the most recent work-in-progress Vulkan builds for testing if you’re interested: Citra

Refer to the comment I gave here: Pac man and the ghostly adventures 2 runing SUPER SLOW - #13 by SleepingSnake

I gave the dev a reminder yesterday, and it should be merged now. The next Canary and Nightly build that will be released (tomorrow?) should have it included.