Progress of the Android emulator

Could you share any release date for the Android emulator or any progress on the emulator? Not trying to rush anyone but just being curious. Sorry if I have offended anyone. I understand this takes time and hard work.

Please be patient. Also, Citra doesn’t have an Official build for Android port. There’s the unofficial build but it’s not a good idea to talk about it here as the Devs don’t support unofficial Android port.

So no estimated date.

status: in active development. currently only breadfish is working on the official port. thankfully the person who did the unofficial port respects the citra license and opened their code under the same license, so we are free to use the best parts from it in the version that we plan to put up on the play store. at the moment its not ready for any sort of public testing. the unofficial port copy pasted dolphins frontend code, but breadfish is working on making a new frontend just for citra.

in short, still working on it, and it’ll be a while before its ready.

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