Progress report for april

what is the changes on citra since the hardware renderer updates?

For Nightly just look at the merged commit history:

For example

  • TextureCube support for the hardware renderer and performance optimizations
  • Some of parts of the “new” hardware renderer got merged into Nightly
  • Some fixes to the graphics thx to TEV and fragment rounding
  • Game compatibility is now shown within Citra
  • Multiplayer UI got merged
  • Fullscreen is now a possible default option
  • The stream buffer got rewrittern (I guess better performance)
  • A fallback implementation on the CPU side for geometry shaders which can’t reliably be emulated on the GPU

And some more code changes/cleanups/quality improvements

For Canary:

  • The “new” hardware renderer got some updates.
  • Other languages besides English got merged, like German, Spanish, French etc.
  • Citra now supports multiple game locations so you can have some games in one folder, some in another and Citra will display all in one game list.
  • The 3DS camera got implemented and is supported through a webcam.

why arent they posting the progress report for april?

No one is able to do the progress reports. Our previous reporter can’t continue with writing them.

What happened to @anodium? Do you know why she can’t continue? I will miss those articles.