Progress report for September/October?

Hello community! I was wondering if a new progress update was in the making? :slight_smile: There are some interesting discussions on the Reddit forum about new features that are being worked on, like multi-threading or the integration of the Metroid upscaling technique, I was hoping for updates on whether these features might make it into the official builds soon (if they’re not there already?)

Many thanks!

Our writer lives in Puerto Rico and is dealing with the aftermath of the hurricane. The things you’re talking aren’t officially merged yet so they likely won’t be in the next progress report. Those things will take a bit longer to be officially merged.

Oh I see. I am sorry to hear about that. Will keep checking the forum for updates on those features then. Thank you.

you can easily add citra to your watch list on github, that way you can keep track of progress through the PR that gets opened.

the two you are talking about weren’t even close to being ready to merge which kinda made me upset to see them on reddit honestly :stuck_out_tongue: i’d much rather have things publicized when they are closer to being ready in case something happens and we can’t merge them. Case in point: multithreading, which is actually just running the vertex processing stages in parallel, will have to be rewritten before it gets merged. Its got a lot of issues in its current state and shouldn’t have been PRed until it was thought out more. And the texture cache rewrite is ginormous and phanto-m is still making changes on it, meaning its even further from getting merged right now.

this is one of the main reasons the developers have been keeping their code in progress hidden until its finally ready to merge because its a lot of pressure to have people anticipating your changes, but you end up hitting a dead end and won’t end up finishing it. (I think both of these will make it into citra at some point, but theres still a lot to be done before that happens!)

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We also have an RSS feed on the website.

I don’t know too many people that still use RSS, though.

I use! Thank’s for offering RSS :smiley:.

I find it a little bit sad RSS is vanishing on most websites… It is so useful!

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