PS Vita Emulator

Wasn’t sure where to post this so I’m doing it here. Sorry if I am posting it in the wrong place. I was just thinking that the citra emulator is going in the right direction and the team contributed a LOT. It is almost perfect the way it is and since the latest hype is all about ps vita, maybe the citra team, which so dedicatedly built a 3ds emulator which was considered to be impossible at that time, would make a ps vita emulator and astonish the entire world? I mean most people would pay for a ps vita emulator. I’m sure you guys would receive more support because ps vita is popular than 3ds. The games are more fun too(Note: these are my opinion and may vary from person to person). Its true with the controls of ps vita(the touch screen, the additional stick), figuring out how it works, it might be difficult to replicate such an emulator but citra team would be well received. It won’t be anytime soon I know since the devs are busy perfecting citra but ccan it be a possibility in the future? All in all I would support you till the very end. Cheers!

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since the latest hype is all about ps vita

what numbers do you have to back that statement up? PS Vita world wide sales is at 15.49M and 3ds is at 64.55M Not sure why you would think that…

maybe the citra team

wait… there is no such thing as the “citra team”. full stop. citra is a community project. People come and go, and anyone is more than welcome to contribute. Yes, even you. If one of the contributors leaves to make a ps vita, then power to them :slight_smile:

I mean most people would pay for a ps vita emulator

its rare for people to pay enough to fund a full time job on the income. cemu is the exception of course. and thats only AFTER 2 long years of dedication to the project. I make more money as a web site developer than most emu projects make* (*barring those that I don’t know the finances of) I can also think of PPSSPP and drastic; i think their devs make good money, but only off the android port.

But anyway, there is no citra team. I heard about the project from a link on some website and thought it would be cool to contribute. I’ve learned a lot while coding on citra, and I have sooo much more to learn.

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I do believe the sales vary from region to region. As in this case, ps vita is more popular in some areas than others and vicer versa. It might be true on a global scale that 3ds sold more but, as stated, it varied from region to region. For example, I like ps vita more than 3ds. Many people around me might do the same and we would have more ps vita in our community than 3ds. I’m sorry if my speculation was wrong. As for the other points, I do agree with you. Anyway I just thought to throw my idea in there. I was pessimistic about all of this from the start tbh but just thought why not?

my main point isn’t about sales numbers. my point is there isn’t really a citra team. its just people that contribute to the project. if any of them wanted to work on a ps vita emulator, don’t you think they would have already started on it?

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