Pull commits under testing in GitHub

I am new to using GitHub. I have downloaded the master, but how to do I merge pull requests into it to test features that are still undergoing review. I understand this may make things unplayable or break things, but I’d like to help with testing new code if possible.

  • Install git and clone with git clone --recursive https://github.com/citra-emu/citra.git.
  • Add remote repo with git remote add username https://github.com/username/citra.git.
  • Pull with git pull username.
  • Merge with git merge username/branch.

So it should look something like this if I wanted to pull a PR from lets say FernandoS27

git pull FernandoS27
git merge FenrnadoS27/branch

I’m just not sure what the branch is.

Plus when I run the command Git pull I get this

You asked to pull from the remote ‘FernandoS27’, but did not specify
a branch. Because this is not the default configured remote
for your current branch, you must specify a branch on the command line.

It like my second or third time with this and I usually only used it myself and not with others.

This is an example of a branch:

So you add the remote repo with git remote add https://github.com/FenrnadoS27/citra.git, pull it with git pull FenrnadoS27 then merge the branch you want with git merge FenrnadoS27/tangent-space for example.

Thanks for your reply. I tried that. And it asked me to leave a note as to why the merge was necessary and I couldn’t get it to work after that. I’m using both GitBash and GitHub Desktop and not having much luck with either. I did get through your instructions okay though.

You don’t really have to type anything. Just press Esc key.

It doesn’t go away when I press Esc. It just stays there. It looks like something is happening, but I don’t see anything.

Please post a screenshot.

I was able to fix it. Shift+zz worked for me.

Merging is not necessary if you are just going to test one PR AND the PR is based on a recent master. You can just git checkout the PR branch and compile it.

Also, github provides an alternative interface to fetch PR. You can do
git fetch origin pull/<PR number here>/head:<An arbitrary branch name> (origin represents the main citra repo. It might be upstream depending on your configuration)
git checkout <The branch name you just specified>

I tried the git fetch function, but I keep getting an error.

fatal: Couldn’t find remote ref pull/2451/FernandoS27

I’m not sure what it is I’m doing wrong.

git fetch origin pull/<PR number here>/head:<An arbitrary branch name>
                                       ^ Just type the word "head" here. Don't replace it with the author name

Gotcha. Good to know for in the future. Thank you.