Puyo Puyo Chronicles

On this build of Citra(HEAD-b88ed52), the game functions and is in a playable state.
(Unlike stated on the wiki, it doesn’t crash on boot.)
I’ve yet to complete the game from A to Z to see if there’s anymore issues but here’s a rundown:

= Seems to be mostly fine, but I’ve noticed a (somewhat funny) issue in that all of the character eyebrows aren’t present anymore.

= It depends, but generally speaking, the game runs anywhere from 50% to 100%.
= During cutscenes, RPG mode battles (or even regular battles), main menu, all of those run between 50 to 75%.
= The overworld of the RPG mode is probably the only thing that runs more consistently, usually in the 95% to 100%, though in some areas (like certain parts of town) it tends to slow down considerably.

Unsure as of now if there’s any ways to speed up the game, but it does boot and work!

Here are my specs:
i7-6700k CPU @ 4.00 GHz
8GB ram
Geforce GTX 950
Windows 10

I would modify the wiki myself but I don’t really understand how GitHub functions…!