Puyo puyo tetris 2: freeze during game

My specs: i7-10750H, 16gb ram, rtx 2070 mq 8gb, archlinux, EA-1287

Puyo puyo tetris 2 freeze during game while music is still playing. Here is the log file. There are a lot of Service.ACC core/hle/service/acc/acc.cpp:CheckAvailability:517: (STUBBED) called in the log file so I removed them to meet the 4096K limit.

yuzu_log.txt (83.2 KB)

Does the same thing happens in OpenGL?


Same error happened when I run the game for the first time under OpenGL. But now after I switched to OpenGL it seems that the game run perfectly. Does it seem that the error is random?

Let me switch back to Vulkan again and go back to you.