Puzzle and dragons + Super Mario Bros. Edition (EU) cheat codes not working

I have been playing Puzzles and Dragons + Super Mario Bros. Edition (EU) for a bit on my Citra emulator, (Only been playing the Super Mario Bros. Edition), and I tried some cheat codes but they didn’t work. When I went onto a different website, there was one cheat code that worked and It was the max money code. I will put the codes down below to see if anyone knows why they don’t work + I will link to website I got them from (The working code isn’t included in this post).

[Lives x9]
14097CAC 00000009
[Money x999.999] (not the working one!)
0814D294 000F423F
[Fireflower x99]
0814C1F8 00000063
[Super Leaf x99]
0814C200 00000063
[Iceflower x99]
0814C208 00000063
[P-Wing x99]
0814C248 00000063
[Super Star x99]
0814C2A0 00000063
[Big Super Star x99]
0814C268 00000063
[Berry x99]
0814C2B0 00000063
[Rare Berry x99]
0814C2C0 00000063
[Bowser Shell x99]
0814C2B8 00000063
[Big Bowser Shell x99]
0814C2C8 00000063
[Starjewel x99]
0814C330 00000063
[Goomba Coin x99]
0814C378 00000063
[Cheep-Cheep Coin x99]
0814C380 00000063
[Fire-Chomp Coin x99]
0814C388 00000063
[Lakitu Coin x99]
0814C390 00000063
[Boo-Hoo Coin x99]
0814C398 00000063
[Comet Coin x99]
0814C2A8 00000063
[Big Comet Coin x99]
0814C270 00000063
[Star Coin x99]
0814C288 00000063
[Big Star Coin x99]
0814C250 00000063
[Green Star Coin x99]
0814C290 00000063
[Big green Star Coin x99]
0814C250 00000063
[Super Mushroom x99]
0814C1F0 00000063
[Ghost Mushroom x99]
0814C210 00000063
[Poison Mushroom x99]
0814C240 00000063
[Gold Mushroom x99]
0814C298 00000063
[Big Gold Mushroom x99]
0814C260 00000063

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We aren’t the people who created the cheat codes, so we can’t help with much. Make sure you’re using cheat codes that work for your update version and you aren’t using mods at the same time as cheat codes. Other than that, if they don’t work then just move on to some other ones.

Okay thanks. I will keep this posted because maybe someone would be able to help in the process of making new ones.

Can you show me the site where it’s got that working money code?

Are you talking about the one that works in Mario? And can you copy paste the code?

Max Coins: d3000000 00000000 0812bf04 000f423f

Yeah it only works in mario and the max continues doesn’t