QR Codes on Ultra sun

Does anyone know how to scan QR Codes for Pokemon ultra sun on a Mac?

There are videos on youtube about that, I successfully got my special Pikachu (the one with Ash’s hat) by scanning this QR code: https://www.nintendo-insider.com/ash-pikachu-qr-code-for-pokemon-ultra-sun-and-ultra-moon/

Save the code as an image, then load it using Emulation->Config->System->Camera, you will see a classical “browse file” button. Notes: the image has to be correctly proportioned, if needed, open it in an image editor to adjust margins until the emulator camera finally see the whole QR code.

In my case, I had to try many times until I finally hit the correct image proportions. I used Paint net to resize the image. I can’t upload it because I deleted it after I got the Pikachu. Just try it yourself, you eventually will get it right.